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New Diabetes Type-II Therapeutic


Invention Novelty

This technology comprises a novel methodology, based on the alteration of the metabolic phenotypes displayed in metabolic disorders and on administration of novel T-cell expressed protein, for the treatment of diabetes type-II, lipidemia and obesity

Value Proposition

Treatment of patients with the administration of T-Cell expressed protein or via modified T-Cell transfer, presents a novel strategy for the treatment or cure of Type II diabetes, hyperlipidemia and obesity. The features of the technology include:

• Identification of a protein critical to the induction of systemic insulin sensitivity involved in metabolic disorders, particularly diabetes mellitus.
• Introduction of identified proteins to diabetic mice appears to cure mice of the disease by altering their metabolic phenotype, increases brown fat mass and lowers blood lipid levels.
• Commercial manufacturing process of the therapeutic protein as it can be manufactured in bacteria with full activity, and does not possess a complicated tertiary or quaternary structure.
• Introduction This discovery should result in significantly lower healthcare burdens for westernized countries.

Technical Details

Johns Hopkins researchers have discovered that knockout of a gene in the T-Cells of mice induces systemic insulin sensitivity, increases brown fat mass and lowers blood lipid levels. They found that a protein secreted from the altered T-Cells causes this effect and that adoptive transfer of the T-Cells from these mice, or administration of serum containing the soluble protein was able to impart increased glucose tolerance in Wt mice and reverse insulin resistance in obese mice that suffered Type II diabetes. The protein is also able to improve lipid profiles in diabetic mice and increase the mass of brown fat so that theoretically, a controlled diet would lead to significant weight loss.

Looking for Partners

To develop & commercialize the technology as a novel therapeutic agent for diabetes type II.

Stage of Development


Data Availability



Jonathan Powell, Greg Delgoffe, Adam Waickman, Paul F. Worley, Bo Xiao

Patent Status

WO 2012/174359

Publications/Associated Cases

Not available at this time


protein, diabetes, type II, metabolic disorders, T-cells.



Contact Information

Name: Jeanine Pennington

Address: 100 N. Charles Street
5th Floor

City: Baltimore

State: MD

Zip: 21201

Phone: 410-516-5680

Email: jpennin5@jhmi.edu

Website: www.techtransfer.jhu.edu